Saudi Arabia vaccinates school students

 Saudi authorities started vaccinating students between 12 to 18 years against Coronavirus nationwide in preparation for the new school year.

Around 2.+7 million students are eligible to inoculation in this age group, as per the Education Ministry.

The ministry has said there is a high turnout for getting the vaccine among school students for “safe return” to schools and in-person class attendance.

Saudi Arabia vaccinates school students

Saudi Arabia vaccinates school students

The ministry also urged schoolteachers and its administrative staff to get the jabs against COVID-19 swiftly to protect their health and help return to normal life as well as ensure a smooth education process in the new school year.

In May, Saudi education authorities said that the new academic year will be divided into three semesters as the kingdom is preparing for revival of in-person classes in different education institutions.

The plan was unveiled by Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al Sheikh, who said that the new academic year will begin in late August and run until June 30, 2022.

Each of the three semesters will be made up of 13 weeks, with a week-long break, according to the minister.

The ministry said that schoolteachers and university teaching staff will have to show up in person at their workplaces in the new academic year.

The vaccination will be verified via health apps Tawakkalna and Tabaud. The Education Ministry also said that getting vaccinated will be obligatory for accessing all public and private schools, universities and technical training institutions.

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