E-arbitration Service App Updated version launched

Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA) has announced an updated version of the e-arbitration service application that offers a virtual alternative with the best procedures and modern technologies.

The SCCA provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services (“ADR”), including  Arbitration and Mediation. SCCA services are provided in accordance with international and professional standards in Arabic and/or English.

E-arbitration Service App Updated version launched

E-arbitration Service App Updated version launched

E-arbitration service aims to settle small commercial conflicts through arbitration, in a flexible manner that guarantees settling conflicts in the shortest periods and least costs, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The move also includes the launch of the e-arbitration platform with its new shape with an updated arbitration protocol enabling to deal with the modern applications and procedural practices related to arbitration, mainly the notes of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) on settling conflicts electronically. It also includes practices followed at the best arbitration centers across the world.

The arbitration procedures were designed according to the updated arbitration protocol in a way that accommodates all procedures of settling conflicts, starting from extending the settlement request electronically until issuing the arbitration verdict in its final issue

All services are online round the clock and all days of the week without the need of physical presence of parties of the conflict or the arbitrator to the center’s headquarters at any phase of the arbitration.

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