17+ Yrs Women can obtain driving License in Saudi

 The Traffic Department of Saudi Arabia has informed that it is now possible for young women who are 7 years of age can obtain a driving permit, on a par with their peers (young men)

The Traffic Department (KSA) have also mentioned several conditions for a young woman to obtain a temporary driving permit. They include reaching the age of 17 years, six photographs, and a medical checkup.

17+ Yrs Women can obtain driving License in Saudi

17+ Yrs Women can obtain driving License in Saudi

She should submit an application at the driving school to be issued a vehicle-driving permit at the age of 17 whose validity is for one year.

When the young woman reaches the age of 18, she can request to replace her driving permit with a driving license, whose validity is for 5 years or 10 years.

However, it is conditional for the issuance of a driving license at the age of 18 years, that the applicant should not have been accused by any judicial verdict of drug abuse — whether dealing in drugs or possessing them.

The conditions also include that the applicant should be free from any diseases or disabilities that can hinder driving, the applicant should also pass the driving test, pay the fees, and settle any violations, if any.

As to non-Saudis in the Kingdom, it is a requirement that the applicant must have a valid residence permit (iqama).

The applicant is also required to pass the theoretical test in the driving school, supervised by the Traffic Department, as well as the driving test at the (driving) school.

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