Riyadh Mayor Tells When Will Riyadh Metro Begin Operating

Riyadh Mayor: When Will Riyadh Metro Begin Operating?
The Mayor of Riyadh Prince Faisal bin Ayyaf confirmed that the Riyadh Metro project had completed more than 90% and will be operating soon.

The district secretary said in the Socrates Podcast that the Riyadh Metro project is one of the huge and qualitative projects in the world. It covers all regions and neighborhoods in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Its establishment is in an existing large city without disrupting anything.

The district secretary said that the Riyadh metro is not only the train and stations. The metro project has many associated tributaries, including the development project for public transport, the increase in density around public transport stations, the urban development project on its axes, and the bus project.

He also said that the Riyadh Metro project is now in the final stages, and it was planned to launch it during this period, but the circumstances of the Corona pandemic prevented this, expecting the launch to take place in the near future.

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