Ramadan Fasting Brings Amazing Health Benefits On Human Body

Ramadan Fasting Brings Amazing Health Benefits On Human Body

Fasting in Ramadan is not only benefit HereAfter’s life of billions of Muslims, It also brings amazing health benefits on human body in the current life. However, If you are not well and you want to fast, then we advice you to ask your doctor permission before you start Ramadan fasting.

1. Fasting reduces the Sugar Levels in your blood by reducing Insulin Resistance.

2. While Fasting your body uses stored fat as energy.

3. Fasting will eliminate and purify harmful Infection of your body.

4. Fasting in the month of Ramadan will helps in reducing cholesterol levels which means it reduces the risk of suffering from heart diseases.

5. Fasting helps in to maintain blood pressure to give better control of BP patients especially for diabetic people.

6. Some studies/research have found that fasting help in decrease levels of inflammation and help in promoting better health.

7. Fasting helps in to improve brain function and prevent neuro degenerative disorders said one study.

8. Helps in weight loss and boosts metabolism.

9. No need to worry about of becoming weak by fasting, it will improve our health and stamina of Muslims.

10. Psychological effects also seen in the people who fasting in Ramadan.

11. Fasting hold anger and bad habits, improves a behavior of Muslim.

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