Saudi Arabia Launched an App to Trace COVID-19 Cases

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the middle east which is majorly hit by the current pandemic, With more than 4000 cases reported daily from past two days the Saudi Government has taken an excellent initiative to curb the spread of corona virus by launching an application to trace Covid19 cases across the kingdom. This application helps the people to identify the cases in close vicinity and protect themselves, Hence helping the Government to curb the spread of this corona virus.

The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence, with coordination from Ministry of Health has launched an app called Tawakkalna. Tabaud is an Arabic word for distancing. The app notifies the people of other people who might be covid19 positive and came in contact with covid19 positive patients in last 14 days, so the people can take necessary precautionary measures and maintain a safe physical distance. Users will have to share their information and contact those people whom they came in contact with. The app sends a notification to the people who came in contact with an infected person urging them to get the tests done.

Saudi Arabia Launched an App to Trace COVID-19 Cases

The Ministry’s spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly has urged people to start using this app, once downloaded it can detect the near by phone which has tabaud through Bluetooth technology. The app calculates the distance and notifies the person about the potential threat of Covid19. The application’s privacy policy is in line with those endorsed by Google and Apple so the user’s data is fully secured. 

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