Saudi Arabia Bans Noon Work for 3 Months

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has announced that it is going to ban the work under the sun from noon to 3PM. The ban will be enforced for three months i.e. June 15 to September 15, 2020.

It is a sigh of relief for the workers who work directly under the sun as the summer in the kingdom is starting and with the temperatures rising specially during the noon time, it is very difficult for the workers to work directly under the sun. The Ministry continues to offer a healthy and safe environment for workers considering the safety and health factors.

This ban will cover all private sector companies and establishments. The ministry added that this decision was taken for the workers of private sector, the decision will prevent the workers from any risks and harmful effects of sunlight and other occupational hazards.

Saudi Arabia Bans Noon Work for 3 Months

The ban which covers all the private sector however has some exceptions, Oil & Gas sectors and Emergency Maintenance are excluded from this ban. The workers belonging to these sectors can work even in the noon. The Ministry added that the companies should comply strict safety measures to ensure the safety of the workers and prevent them from any harm so that the workers can have a healthy and safe work environment.

In some parts of the Kingdom the temperature does not rise much so it is safe for the workers to work under the sun even during the noon time. The companies falling in these regions does not come under the ban so the workers can continue to work. The decision depends on the directors of those regions where the temperature is not extreme.

The Ministry announced any violation of this ban can be reported on 19911 or their website https://rasd.ma3an.gov.sa

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