Muqeem Card Renewal in Saudi Arabia

 In this day and age where most of the businesses are offering their services online, Saudi Arabia is no less, keeping pace with the world and with Riyadh being announced as the First Digital Capital of the Arab World read more: Riyadh Named Arab World’s First Digital Capital Saudi Arabia has gone digital in almost all the fronts. One of the fine examples of this is now residents of Saudi Arabia can renew their Muqeem card online.

Muqeem card also called as Iqama but since 2015 Saudi Government has officially renamed Iqama as Muqeem card. The new Muqeem card does not comes with an expiry date. Once the old Iqama gets expired it can be renewed online, once renewed the new Muqeem card will be delivered to the Saudi employer.

Muqeem Card Renewal in Saudi Arabia

Muqeem/Iqama should be renewed at least three days before its expiry. The MOI Iqama fee SR 650. If the Iqama gets expired then there is a penalty of SR500 for first time and SR 1000 for second time. Iqama/Muqeem card renewal is totally the sponsor’s responsibility.

Once the sponsor pays the required fees i.e. MOI Iqama Fee, Maktab Amal Fee and Health Insurance the Iqama/Muqeem card will be renewed online. Once renewed the sponsor can take the print out of the card. You will also get a notification SMS from MOI provided you are registered with MOI. You can also the check the Iqama renewal status online through MOI portal. www.moi.gov.sa

Citizens of the following countries will have to undergo a medical test to renew their Iqama/Muqeem card.

  • Djibouti
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

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