Newly arrived in Saudi, Procedure to get Iqama for New Expatriates

If you are living in the Saudi Arabia, then you know  the importance of Iqama also, here everything about yourself is co-related with  your Iqama (for example based on your passport number the  immigration officer gave the border number at airport based on that the Saudi government gives the Iqama)

The Saudi government is very strict about their rules and regulation for specially outsider (Abshir) In case If you lost your iqama and stuck with police then it is very difficult you to convince them, some time you may get fine of about SR 500 or in some severe case they may deport you also, anyways be careful with your iqama and always carry your contact details in your pocket, if someone get it they may contact you to handover the same.

Newly arrived in Saudi, Procedure to get Iqama for New Expatriates

Procedure to get the revised or new iqama:

Step I : As soon as you notice that you had lost your iqama then check all the possible places to find it, then your first activity must be to inform your sponsor or khafeel that where and when you had lost the iqama

Note : Do not rush the police station to file a complaint alone, because they will not entertain you. May be the reason is in March 2014, they publish a news that if you lost your iqama and reported to police within 24 hrs then you may need not to pay penalty fee. ( the penalty amount is around 1000 SR)

Step II :  With the help of your sponsor collect a letter from the GRO on your company’s letter head stating that you are their appointed employee and how and where you had lost your Iqama, make sure that the letter is in Arabic only with duly signed and sealed by your companies higher authority to file a complain.

Step III: Then go to the police station along with your khafeel or sponsor and letter to file a complaint, they will charge you  fine of losing iqama is SR 1000 for first time along with new iqama charges i.e around SR 500 for one and SR 1000 for 2 years so on as per job or sponsor’s advice.

 Documents to be submit in police station to file a complaint:
An original copy of written letter which you had collect from your company, Fine charges receipt, copy of lost iqama, 2 passport size photographs, and copy of your passport also.

After completing all this formality you will get the new iqama within 2 working days, meanwhile carry a copy of a letter which you had collect from your company for safe side.

In Saudi Arabia it is very difficult to get new iqama easily so pls be careful with it.


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