Riyadh Police Releases the Women in Mini Skirt Video Without Any Charges

A video of a women in mini skirt walking in the streets of Ushayqir  town was shared on social media, which became a matter of hyped discussion on many social media platforms. The video was quickly picked up by Saudis on Twitter, where critics used the hashtag "demand_the_trial_of_Model_Khulood", and demanded her to be arrested and punished. While others came to the woman's defence, praising her "bravery" and insisting that she ought to be allowed to wear what she wanted.

People also defended her posting images from President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia in May, in which First Lady Melania Trump and her daughter Ivanka, though modestly dressed in higher necklines and longer sleeves, did not cover their heads or wear abayas, a loose over-garment.

As she was wearing a crop top and a mini skirt which is against the law of Saudi Arabia. As women in Saudi Arabia are suppose to wear loose fitting clothing called Abaya and head covered while stepping out of their homes. However, they are permitted to wear any clothing under the abayas and when they are home.

The Riyadh police arrested women for breaking the law. In her statement to police she revealed that the video was posted without her knowledge

Later she was released without any punishment or any charges filed against her. The public prosecutor has also closed her case after questioning her.

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