No Dependent Fee for Expats’ Family on Visit Visas

According to reports it is confirmed that Expat workers do not have to pay dependent fee for families who are on a visit visa in the Kingdom, the Department of Jawazat has clarified the same in a statement.

Rubbishing all the rumors that the expats has to pay dependent fee even if their families are on visit visa. The Passport Department said.“No extra fees beyond the SR100 for the monthly extension of the visit visa will be charged,” Saikhan said the fees for dependents are paid annually in advance at the time of the issuance or renewal of iqamas (residence permits), issuance of exit-reentry visas or when the final exit visa is required. He also said that there are no dependents’ fees on the issuance or extension of a family visit visa. Anyone who is asked to do so should resort to the concerned bank.

Many expat families and parents were asked to pay more than SR100 for a visit visa extension. On which the Assistant director general of the Passport(Jawazat) for IT affairs Khaled Al-Saikhan told Makkah Arabic daily on Tuesday that those people should ask their banks to refund the extra money they paid for the visit visa extension

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