House Rents reduced due to Dependent Fees Implementation

1st July is the date from which Expat Dependent Fees is levied on every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. After the decline in Oil prices and fall in economy in Saudi Arabia, Expatriates those are having less salaries living in Saudi Arabia have been facing lots of issues and are planning to leave Saudi Arabia.

However, due to Saudization and imposition of heavy taxes in Saudi Arabia already many expats have left Saudi Arabia leaving many houses vacant. Such houses which have been vacated are not getting tenants easily due to which the rents have falled 20% to 30% and few are also giving 1 month Free offers.

Though many expatriates are still negotiating with house owners  or agents to reduce the rents they are successful in their negotiations.

One side expats who have low income are getting impacted by the tax and other expats are getting low rent.

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